Hails, just a little update the recording for the new demo started. I can't give You more info because I(Rob) have no idea where we're going with this release this time. The only thing I can say is...
that it will be unique and different.

You'll be able to hear that it's "Black Antlers" but it will also have new elements. So, be prepared.
Also if any zine or radio etc. wants to interview us or review something from us, please feel free to contact us.

Cheers and take care.

And here it is, the new compilation called "Demons" is available on tape via "Depressive Illusions Records" the compilation features our 2 demos and it's limited to 100 copies.


I'm very happy to let You know that the new Black Antlers demo is available via CVLMINIS.
The demo features 5 songs, that can be defined as Ritualistic/avantgarde black metal.

So, if you want a copy send a message to:
Here we have a new single for You. The song is called "Silence" and it will be featured on our upcoming "Demo II".
Feel free to download it and leave some feedback.

we've started recording our 2nd demo.
This demo will be very different than the first one, because the first was made to bring the idea out.
This time the "rawer" guitar parts are done by Rob also the involvement of both of us has increased.
So, be prepared to receive something very special from us. Here's the cover of "Demo II".
We're very proud to let You know that the Russian label "CVLMINIS"
will release our first demo on CDR in a Slim Box and limited to 33 Copies.

So, if You want a copy feel free to send a mail to: